Scenario Background



The World Futures Studies Federation

The Global Business Network (GBN), “a worldwide membership organization that engages in a collaborative exploration of the future.” Most resources are restricted to paying members. However, many of the network’s reports can be downloaded for free (although not reproduced).

Futurists and Institutions

The Millennium Project at the American Council for the United Nations University.

The scenario page at Shell.

The Laboratory for Investigation in Prospective Strategy and Organization (LIPSOR).

The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA).

Richard Slaughter’s Foresight International.

Sohail Inayatullah and Ivana Milojevic’s

Miscellaneous Resources

The EU’s information portal for environmental scenarios and prospective studies.

The resources page at Kenya at the Crossroads
Note: Of the many national scenario studies available, this one stands out for its discussion of process. This is also a good source on scenarios in general.

Global Multi-Thematic Scenarios

The Pardee Center for International Futures’ International Futures (IFs)

The Millennium Institute’s Threshold 21

UNEP’s Global Environment Outlook

The Global Scenario Group and the PoleStar Project

The Great Transition Initiative A global network elaborating visions and pathways for the future, including their paper series, Frontiers of a Great Transition,


Global Thematic Scenarios

The IPCC’s Special Report on Emissions Scenarios

The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

The Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management for Agriculture

The FAO’s World Agriculture: Toward 2015/2030. An FAO Perspective

The FAO’s Forestry Outlook Studies

Long-Term Scenarios of Livestock-Crop-Land Use Interactions in Developing Countries, prepared for the FAO by A.F. Bouwman