Modeling Methods

This page contains a collection of modeling techniques on different subjects that are available online. In addition to these sources, also see the Quantitative Modeling section on the “Scenario Toolkit” page on this site.

Agent-Based Modeling

The Agent-Based Modeling FAQ

An On-Line Guide for Newcomers to Agent-Based Modeling in the Social Sciences

Linear and Non-Linear Programming

The Linear Programming FAQ

The Nonlinear Programming FAQ

Bayesian Belief Networks

A tutorial on Probability Theory and Bayesian Belief Networks

An Introduction to Bayesian Networks and their Contemporary Applications

Systems Thinking and Causal Loop Diagrams

System Dynamics Methods: A Quick Introduction, including instructions on causal loop diagrams

Guidelines for Drawing Causal Loop Diagrams on The Systems Thinker site

Catalogue of “archetypal” causal loop structures at the site

Specific Models and Topics

The GAMS Model Library at the site for the GAMS modeling system

The WWW-Server for Ecological Modelling

IPCC Guidelines for Greenhouse Gas Inventories

COMMEND Community for Enerrgy, Environment and Development

The manual for the Livestock Development Planning System (LDPS2)